Ice Cream

The entire family is up at the cabin. It is really early in the morning. My sister is sleeping and hears a cough really close to her. She is really groggy and opens her eyes to find Conrad right next to her face, staring at her. As soon as Conrad thinks my sister is awake enough to give him a response, he asks, “Do you know where the ice cream is?”


Sometimes, when there are no cars and I’m on a small street, I swerve back and forth. The kids think it’s hilarious. I’m always very careful when I do this and I don’t do it very often. Conrad calls it “spinning”…

Conrad: Spin again, papa.
Rich: No, no.
Conrad: Because we could hit a tree that crashed down on a house……..long pause………let’s do it.
Rich: What’s the magic word?
Conrad: PLEASE can we spin again?
Rich: No.
Conrad: You didn’t say, “No, thank you.”


Conrad told us today that he had teeny-weeny bosoms, but that he had milk. He then explained how the whole process works: a cow makes milk, we drink it, it fills up our bosoms, and we can then feed babies because that can’t hold cups yet.

Jelly Beans

It’s Easter time, so Conrad’s thoughts are mostly about Easter eggs and candy. While taking a bath, he looks down at his…uh…boys…and asks, “Do I have jelly beans in there?”

I asked Claire if I could post this on the blog and she said, “If you must.”

I must.


We are at a restaurant and I ask Conrad how he likes his dinner. He turns his head and says, “Well, it’s just a little pistoss.” Claire seems to understand perfectly, so I ask her what “pistoss” is. She tells me it’s just a word that Conrad has been using lately. I ask Conrad what “pistoss” means and he answers, “Pistoss means stupid.” We told the kids not to use the word “stupid” when talking about people, so Conrad made up his own.