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Box Trolls!


Julia drew this independently of the movie, but it seemed appropriate. Box Trolls is great. I think it’s better than Paranorman, and possibly better than Coraline. Keep your expectations in check, but go see it.

Art Good Ju-Ju

Ghost Head and Floating Marshmallow

Harper drew this today and said it was a ghost head and a floating marshmallow. I think that would be a great name for a band…

Art drunken midgets Hardy Har Har-per

The Birds

the-birds Weston drew some pretty rad birds.

Art drunken midgets Wild West'n



Julia drew a skull. It looks stressed out.

Art drunken midgets Good Ju-Ju

Fire Breather


Conrad drew this awesome fire-breathing creature today. The thing coming out of the back of his head is not a knife; it is a price tag (40ยข). Apparently, this little guy is on sale in a pet store.

Art drunken midgets King Con

Julia’s Pumpkin

puumpkin-archerToday, Julia drew an archer pumpkin shooting an arrow.

Art drunken midgets Good Ju-Ju

Family Portrait

Family Portrait drawing by Julia
Julia did this family portrait of the kids.

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Disturbing Children’s Sculptures

Julia’s monsters (L to R): Jake, Walter, and Ernie

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Essay Contest

Weston’s class was asked to write an essay about a school rule they would like to change. This was Weston’s submission…

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One of the many rss feeds I subscribe to is ffffound. I was taken completely by surprise when I saw Ju-Ju’s Numbers show up there. Very cool.

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