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Drinking and Driving

I normally don’t drink soda. I just never really liked it. I also don’t drink alcohol.

Years ago, we were driving home after a family trip to the coast, and I suddenly felt really, really tired. In a rare move, I stopped at a tiny convenience store, in a tiny town, and bought a Coke. (I now realize that I should have just let Claire drive.) Apparently, the kids realized something unusual was happening because I heard Harper whisper to the others, “Papa’s drinking alcohol.”

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Morning Commute

One of my favorite things recently is driving Julia and her friends to school in the morning.

One morning, Julia’s friend, Grace, asked me why the gas gauge was on “E.” I answered very matter-of-factly, “Oh, that’s because there isn’t any gas in the car.” I was expecting a chuckle from Julia at least, but I got nothing. A few moments later, it was clear that Grace was still wrestling with the question and asked, “Is this an electric car?” I answered very matter-of-factly, “Oh, no, there definitely should be gas in the car.”

This morning, Grace asked me if we were driving to school the Google way. It took me a second, but I remembered that we used Google to see which route it thought was fastest.  I told Grace that we were going the “Google” way and asked if she would rather I go a different way. She answered, “No, you keep going with your bad self.”

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Box Trolls!


Julia drew this independently of the movie, but it seemed appropriate. Box Trolls is great. I think it’s better than Paranorman, and possibly better than Coraline. Keep your expectations in check, but go see it.

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Julia drew a skull. It looks stressed out.

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Julia’s Pumpkin

puumpkin-archerToday, Julia drew an archer pumpkin shooting an arrow.

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Family Portrait

Family Portrait drawing by Julia
Julia did this family portrait of the kids.

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Jackson Pollock Pancakes

by Julia. They’re actually tastier than regular pancakes.


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Disturbing Children’s Sculptures

Julia’s monsters (L to R): Jake, Walter, and Ernie

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Mona Lisa

I saw this in Julia’s room and asked her what the story was. She replied, “My teacher told me no one knew if Mona Lisa was happy or sad — I think she’s just hungry.”

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A Type of Rodent

Julia: On our hike we saw a skeleton!
Rich: What kind of skeleton?”
Julia: I think it was a stoat, but I’m not 100% sure.
Rich: A what?
Julia: A stoat…but I’m not sure.
Rich: What’s a stoat?
Julia: You know, a stoat, S-T-O-A-T. It’s a type of rodent.
Rich: What did I tell you about using words I don’t know? Just say “rodent.”

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