Kill All the Bad Guys!

Weston at Christmas

We were in church. The kids were somewhere close by…we were certain. Anyway, they seemed to be entertaining themselves, so we figured we’d relax and listen to the speaker. The talk was about charity…about loving your fellow-people…etc…etc…etc. Just as we were remembering what it was like to go to church and actually listen to what was said, we hear Weston. Weston was, until now, quietly playing in the row behind us. Loud enough to make everyone in the vicinity wonder what kind of parents this kid had, he bangs a couple toys together and yells, “Kiw aw da bah-byes!” Despite his tendency to mumble on occasion, this was loud and clear. I actually think the people sitting around us appreciated his contribution. You just don’t get enough “kill all the bad guys” at church anymore.

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