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Weston’s Glamour Shots

Weston in glasses

Weston playing Laser Tag
“Hey Papa, that’s me laser gunning.” -Weston

P.S. – There are a few other laser-gunning images in the gallery.

Wild West'n

Do Not Disturb

JetBlue seems pretty confident in the sleep eye masks and earplugs they hand out, insisting that it’s a “shut-eye” rather than a “red-eye” flight. I decided to give they’re little survival kit a try. Almost immediately after deciding that I’d live with the embarrassment of wearing the shades, I felt a tap on my shoulder. I don’t even know that I thought through who might be doing the tapping, but I sort of assumed it was Claire teasing me. So, I swatted the hand away and tried to get comfortable. Meanwhile, the flight attendant, who had just tapped on my shoulder, was staring blankly at Claire — wondering how to respond. Though half asleep, I hear a muffled, “Uh…Rich, that wasn’t me.”

rich and beautiful

Flying in Style

Weston and Julia at the airport

There was a little bit of confusion about one of the rows on our flight. There were three seats but only one boarding pass. The man with the one boarding pass finally had to explain that he had purchased the three seats for himself. Our flight didn’t have a first-class section, so this was one way to guarantee a comfortable flight…or so he must have thought. It was just his luck to pick the row in front of four screaming kids (There was another couple with a four-month-old in the same row). Luckily, we didn’t have the turbulence that made Claire toss her water on the girl sitting in front of her, as was the case flying to Utah, but I imagine we weren’t his ideal neighbors. The flight attendants didn’t dare ask how he enjoyed his flight, and he was not one of the many complimenting us on our well behaved children.

Weston: I’m two.

Friendly JetBlue guy: Really, you’re big for two.

Weston: Yeah, I’m a big boy. I eat all my dinner all gone and get strong muscles.

Good Ju-Ju King Con Wild West'n

Alone Time

The other day, we were leaving to go visit Julie, Goddess of the Internet and Weston walked in a different room and said, “I need just a little bit more alone time.” Sometimes this means he has to poop…sometimes it just means he’s a little cranky. A few days ago, Weston and Julia were playing with their new castle and weaving elaborate tales of adventure. Julia was holding the prince and princess and said, “He (the prince) is going to kill all of these guys because they need a little alone time.” A little drastic, eh?

drunken midgets

Toll Free

I was driving from Salt Lake to L.A. with a group of students. In the wee hours of the morning, we approached our freeway exit, or, which I came to find out later, was a toll road exit. There were two lanes: one said, “Pay” and one said, “No Pay”…or something to that effect. The choice seemed obvious to me. I’d rather not pay, thank you. I quickly scanned both lanes to make sure there were no spikey things to shred my tires and chose the no-pay lane. No sirens went off, I didn’t have to break through any barriers or anything. Who are the suckers that volunteer to go through the pay lane? That sure is nice of them to give you the option.

When we got to my uncle’s house and I explained what happened, he simply told me to expect a ticket in the mail. I called and explained that I wasn’t from them-there parts and couldn’t read too good (Hence the blog’s reading level — see previous post). They told me they’d take care of the ticket…so, again I ask, who are the suckers that volunteer to go through the pay lane?


Blog For Children Who Can’t Read Good And Wanna Learn To Do Other Stuff Good Too

Center For Children Who Can’t Read Good And Wanna Learn To Do Other Stuff Good Too

A friend was complaining about her blog receiving a “genius” reading level — it had a little picture of a brain on it. I wondered how mine would do and if a script could detect potty humor. Anyway, I can’t say I am surprised:

miscellaneous debris

I married a hottie.

It was a little chilly and Weston was rubbing his hand on Claire’s sleeve which must have generated some heat because he said, “Mama, you’re hot.” Claire was flattered for a second or two and responded with an emphatic “Thank you!”

Wild West'n



It always warms my heart to hear my kids quoting lines from Pixar movies…here are a few examples:

Weston, this is not about you! -Julia (The Incredibles)

That’s not funny — and I know funny! -Weston (Nemo)

Why are you sleeping? -Weston (Nemo)

He touched the butt! -Weston (Nemo)

drunken midgets