Flying in Style

Weston and Julia at the airport

There was a little bit of confusion about one of the rows on our flight. There were three seats but only one boarding pass. The man with the one boarding pass finally had to explain that he had purchased the three seats for himself. Our flight didn’t have a first-class section, so this was one way to guarantee a comfortable flight…or so he must have thought. It was just his luck to pick the row in front of four screaming kids (There was another couple with a four-month-old in the same row). Luckily, we didn’t have the turbulence that made Claire toss her water on the girl sitting in front of her, as was the case flying to Utah, but I imagine we weren’t his ideal neighbors. The flight attendants didn’t dare ask how he enjoyed his flight, and he was not one of the many complimenting us on our well behaved children.

Weston: I’m two.

Friendly JetBlue guy: Really, you’re big for two.

Weston: Yeah, I’m a big boy. I eat all my dinner all gone and get strong muscles.

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