The Birds

the-birds Weston drew some pretty rad birds.

Art drunken midgets Wild West'n

Get it Together

conrad-sandwichConrad came wandering into our room after everyone, including Conrad, had gone to bed. His eyes were half open, but he wasn’t responding to any of my questions. He just stood by me and looked around. I asked one last time, “What’s up, Conrad?” He looked off to the side while pounding his fists together like a baseball catcher, and said in a reassuring tone, “We’ve got it together.”

I laughed a little, then tried to clarify…”We? You and I have it together?” Conrad said yes, then climbed into our bed (not his own).

drunken midgets King Con



Just a cool photo of my dad (right) and uncle getting ready to shoot something.

my family and other animals

40 Pounds

When we go on hikes — which can often be five miles or longer — Harper needs us to carry her on our backs part of the way. I think Weston was a little tired himself and asked us how much Harper weighs. Claire answered, “About 40 pounds.” Harper chimes in and asks, “Is that how much I cost?”

Clearly, she takes after her Anglophile grandpa and thinks in pound sterling.

drunken midgets Hardy Har Har-per


photoHarper was telling me about her new friend and said, “I like her f-words.”

Apparently, her new friend has a speech impediment and can’t say her F’s — or her f-words, presumably.

drunken midgets Hardy Har Har-per



Julia drew a skull. It looks stressed out.

Art drunken midgets Good Ju-Ju

Fire Breather


Conrad drew this awesome fire-breathing creature today. The thing coming out of the back of his head is not a knife; it is a price tag (40¢). Apparently, this little guy is on sale in a pet store.

Art drunken midgets King Con

Julia’s Pumpkin

puumpkin-archerToday, Julia drew an archer pumpkin shooting an arrow.

Art drunken midgets Good Ju-Ju

Double Dragon

I have decided that my world revolves around food enough that I want to post about restaurants that I thoroughly enjoy. Today, I went to a regular favorite, Double Dragon. I normally get the amazing pulled pork sandwich, but today I tried the special, a Szechuan peppercorn burger. It was delicious! Check them out if you’re in SE Portland.


Double Dragon 5-spice burger

Food richie

Reliable Harper

Photo by Ivan McClellan

Harper is always asking if she can watch a movie. We often say no, so I think she is trying to come up with new ways of asking. Recently she has started adding to the end of her request, “Please, I won’t let you down!”

drunken midgets Hardy Har Har-per