Julia Factoid

Julia: Is a jet the fastest plane?

Claire: Actually, a rocket ship is faster than a jet.

Julia: So, a rocket ship is the fastest thing in the world.

Rich: Well, the fastest moving thing is light, right?

Claire: Papa’s right. When you turn on a flashlight, the light moves faster than anything.

(Julia looks puzzled)

Rich: but that’s kind of weird, so let’s say a rocket ship is the fastest moving thing.

Julia: So, a rocket ship is the fastest moving thing…AND the fastest NON MOVING thing is a flashlight.

Unicorn Diet

Julia has been drawing horses lately. I asked her what these two were doing and she answered, “This is a picture of two unicorns fighting over a carrot and a┬ásugar cube.” The one on the right is one ferocious unicorn.

Rise and Shine

Con with Smacker

I was careful to turn off all alarms the night before, but around 7:00 or so, Conrad and Julia climbed into bed with us. Not a problem…except for Julia’s aversion to bed covers and Conrad’s rapid-fire pacifier sucking. Finally, when I was close to giving up and climbing into Julia’s bed, I thought we should talk about it:

Rich: Julia, is this Conrad’s bed?

Julia: No, he’s too small.

Rich: Is this your bed?

Julia: No, I’m too medium size.

Con with Sucker

Book Reviews by Julia – Honk!

Honk!: The Story of a Prima Swanerina

I like Honk because Honk is a great story because Honk really really really goes into the Swan Lake ballet. And Swan Lake is a great movie. I’ve seen the movie too. But it’s a little scary, because in the Swan Lake movie, the swan doesn’t marry the prince, and they die at the end. They don’t marry at all because at one party they don’t usually have the swan princess, and the mean sorcerer tricks the prince. So the swan lake girl is trapped up, and that’s how the mean wizard tricks the prince. And it’s very scary because at the end they really do want to marry each other. All the other princesses that were changed into swans were so beautiful because they all had white dresses and beautiful — like lapis lazuli