Doggy Duty

Julia Crown

Recently Julia and Weston have been requesting Beauty and the Beast retold by Jan Brett as their bedtime story. Reading the story the first time, I noticed the following lines:

A troop of monkeys all in court dress appeared to serve her. A charming little dog did duty as her page. In fact, animals of all sorts took the place of gardener, cook, and gamesman.

Never passing up an opportunity for potty humor, I joked about the little dog’s doody.

The kids know the stories so well, it’s fun to tease them with little changes. So, when I read Beauty and the Beast the following night, I said something about the monkey doing duty. Julia interrupted me and said, “No, it was the little doggie that did the doody!” Claire and I both started laughing, which of course triggered something in Julia that made her run around the condo repeating, “The little doggie did the doody! The little doggie did the doody!”

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