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Julia drew a skull. It looks stressed out.

Art drunken midgets Good Ju-Ju

Fire Breather


Conrad drew this awesome fire-breathing creature today. The thing coming out of the back of his head is not a knife; it is a price tag (40ยข). Apparently, this little guy is on sale in a pet store.

Art drunken midgets King Con

Julia’s Pumpkin

puumpkin-archerToday, Julia drew an archer pumpkin shooting an arrow.

Art drunken midgets Good Ju-Ju

Reliable Harper

Photo by Ivan McClellan

Harper is always asking if she can watch a movie. We often say no, so I think she is trying to come up with new ways of asking. Recently she has started adding to the end of her request, “Please, I won’t let you down!”

drunken midgets Hardy Har Har-per


The boys and I started watching the original Transformers cartoon before bed recently. Weston and Conrad are transfixed. Weston takes notes, recording all of their names and attributes, though I don’t recognize any of the names he’s written down so far. He has been singing his own interpretation of the theme song, “Transformers: more-da-me-see-eye!” Claire heard it and added, “Robots in da sky!” I tried to correct Weston, but he gave me a skeptical look — then continued as if my suggestion made no sense at all.

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Family Portrait

Family Portrait drawing by Julia
Julia did this family portrait of the kids.

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Jackson Pollock Pancakes

by Julia. They’re actually tastier than regular pancakes.


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Mo Bunny, Mo Problems

mo bunny, mo problems
Since the first batch of Chimeras arrived last week, we have been very busy boxing them up and getting them in the mail for our first customers and stores. Last night, when my wife went to put our youngest to bed (Harper from the video), she lifted up her covers to find a huge pile of bunnies. I would guess 50 or so. She must have been sneaking them off, little by little, and hiding them. It would have taken her several trips. Thinking she was in serious trouble, she gave my wife puppy-dog eyes and said, “I just wanted more pink bunnies.”

The next morning she wouldn’t let my wife in her bedroom and asked her to wait outside. I looked in her room and saw bunnies everywhere.

drunken midgets Hardy Har Har-per

Disturbing Children’s Sculptures

Julia’s monsters (L to R): Jake, Walter, and Ernie

Art Good Ju-Ju

Happy Birthday Papa

Claire: Good night, Harper. Happy birthday.
Harper: Thank you, Mama. I love you.
Rich: What about Papa?
Harper: Happy birthday, Papa.

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