Mo Bunny, Mo Problems

mo bunny, mo problems
Since the first batch of Chimeras arrived last week, we have been very busy boxing them up and getting them in the mail for our first customers and stores. Last night, when my wife went to put our youngest to bed (Harper from the video), she lifted up her covers to find a huge pile of bunnies. I would guess 50 or so. She must have been sneaking them off, little by little, and hiding them. It would have taken her several trips. Thinking she was in serious trouble, she gave my wife puppy-dog eyes and said, “I just wanted more pink bunnies.”

The next morning she wouldn’t let my wife in her bedroom and asked her to wait outside. I looked in her room and saw bunnies everywhere.

Fresh Air

If the car is parked in the sun for a bit and it gets a little warm inside, Harper urgently tells us to turn on the air conditioner by saying, “Turn on the fresh air.” I’ve always liked the cooler and wetter climate of the Pacific Northwest, and, apparently Harper is a fan as well. On a recent trip to Utah, we walked outside and Harper started moaning, “Turn on the fresh air.”

I’m assuming she meant getting into a car, then turning on the air conditioner.


Harper is always trying to get her fingers on my phone or iPad. I didn’t think she could do any harm since it was turned off. She grabs it, immediately pushes the center button to turn it on, slides her finger across the bottom to unlock it, and continues to modify my task list. I’m not sure it is a selling point in this case, but Apple stuff really is easy to use.