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Just a cool photo of my dad (right) and uncle getting ready to shoot something.

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40 Pounds

When we go on hikes — which can often be five miles or longer — Harper needs us to carry her on our backs part of the way. I think Weston was a little tired himself and asked us how much Harper weighs. Claire answered, “About 40 pounds.” Harper chimes in and asks, “Is that how much I cost?”

Clearly, she takes after her Anglophile grandpa and thinks in pound sterling.

drunken midgets Hardy Har Har-per


photoHarper was telling me about her new friend and said, “I like her f-words.”

Apparently, her new friend has a speech impediment and can’t say her F’s — or her f-words, presumably.

drunken midgets Hardy Har Har-per



Julia drew a skull. It looks stressed out.

Art drunken midgets Good Ju-Ju

Fire Breather


Conrad drew this awesome fire-breathing creature today. The thing coming out of the back of his head is not a knife; it is a price tag (40¢). Apparently, this little guy is on sale in a pet store.

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