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“Do I look like a warrior?”    -Conrad

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Ice Cream

The entire family is up at the cabin. It is really early in the morning. My sister is sleeping and hears a cough really close to her. She is really groggy and opens her eyes to find Conrad right next to her face, staring at her. As soon as Conrad thinks my sister is awake enough to give him a response, he asks, “Do you know where the ice cream is?”

drunken midgets King Con

Harper Update

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Claire got the movie Young Victoria and told me it is supposed to be really good. I asked who told her it was good and she vaguely answered, “a lot of people.” Immediately after it started, I said, “My dad would love this.” Claire replied, “Yeah, he really liked it.” So, it came out that my dad recommended it and Claire was afraid to tell me because I would assume it was boooooring and refuse to watch.

Knowing this, my expectations were sufficiently lowered and I wound up loving the movie. Maybe I’m just getting old and the basket case on The Breakfast Club was right: turning into our parents is inevitable. If that’s true, I suppose I could do a lot worse.

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Another child?

I thought the title of this post would get everyone’s attention. No, we are not expecting. Julia and I were riding bikes and she was talking about how Conrad is riding Weston’s old bike and Harper could ride Julia’s old bike. She said something about what would happen when we have more…

Rich: More what?
Julia: More kids.
Rich: What gave you the idea that we will have more kids?
Julia: Well, we might. You don’t know.
Rich: I don’t???
Julia: Well, you might have an idea, but you don’t know for certain.

So, now I’m trying to figure out if we just had the big father-daughter talk.

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