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Conrad told us today that he had teeny-weeny bosoms, but that he had milk. He then explained how the whole process works: a cow makes milk, we drink it, it fills up our bosoms, and we can then feed babies because that can’t hold cups yet.

King Con

The Kids…in 3D

I liked all of the photos I took of the kids in their 3D glasses, but this is my favorite because it looks like a band photo.

drunken midgets Good Ju-Ju King Con Wild West'n

Jelly Beans

It’s Easter time, so Conrad’s thoughts are mostly about Easter eggs and candy. While taking a bath, he looks down at his…uh…boys…and asks, “Do I have jelly beans in there?”

I asked Claire if I could post this on the blog and she said, “If you must.”

I must.

drunken midgets King Con

Old MacDonald’s

Weston and I went to McDonald’s — or Old MacDonald’s as he calls it. The Happy Meal comes with a few choices: nuggets, burger, fries…and, if you want the nuggets, there are a bunch of weird sauces you can get with them. I repeat the choices to Weston and realize this is a very important decision for him. As I wait for an answer, I notice he’s thinking so hard, his ears are wiggling. Now, West is really good at wiggling his ears. He usually does it just to appease his parents, but apparently, it’s more than an amusing human trick.

drunken midgets Wild West'n