Archives: June 2008

Happy Father’s Day from Weston


Weston actually made this for his grandpa, but I stole it. It’s a dino.

Art drunken midgets Wild West'n

Another one from the things-eating-other-things library


This one is called “Mermaid Eating Clams”.

Art drunken midgets Good Ju-Ju

Spam…but really it’s an excuse to post this photo of Julie…


So, the following was an email I received from Julie, Goddess of the Internet…made me smile.

I have a little less than a million comments in moderation that need to be spammed into outer space, but I can’t get through them all to mark them as spam before my computer says “fatal error. you have exceded the time blah blah” –because there are too damn many of them!!
Should I ignore? do I care?

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