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I got a package in the mail today. Inside a big roll of packaging material I find this:

Then I look in the bottom of the box and find a photo of my friend, Trever:

I’m not sure what else to say about this…



Conrad told us today that he had teeny-weeny bosoms, but that he had milk. He then explained how the whole process works: a cow makes milk, we drink it, it fills up our bosoms, and we can then feed babies because that can’t hold cups yet.

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Conrad’s Contractions (Not the Baby Kind)

Conrad has been speaking more efficiently lately. “What if” is “wha-f” which sounds like what a dog would say. “Liked it” has been shortened to “like-ud.”

He is also making some things longer. Baba Fet is baba-the-fet (we figure it’s a combination of Jaba the Hut and Baba Fet). In fact, I am now papa-the fet and Claire is mama-the-fet. Oh yeah, and McDonalds is Old McDonalds.