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Harper is always trying to get her fingers on my phone or iPad. I didn’t think she could do any harm since it was turned off. She grabs it, immediately pushes the center button to turn it on, slides her finger across the bottom to unlock it, and continues to modify my task list. I’m not sure it is a selling point in this case, but Apple stuff really is easy to use.

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Beacon Rock

We took the kids to Beacon Rock because I had no idea how steep and freaky it is. To add to my anxiety, we saw a little chipmunk which acted like the laser pointer on Over the Hedge to my kids. They ran after the little guy (or gal) and threw nuts at it.

Conrad announced that he had to go to the bathroom. Claire told him he had to wait until we got back down to the car because we don’t pee on trails. He said he wouldn’t pee on trails and that he was going to pee into the water, but that he wouldn’t because “it would kill nature.” Claire told him if he peed off the edge, he would likely pee on someone below. Conrad giggled to himself and seemed to really like the idea again. More potty talk for the blog. You’re welcome.

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Claire: OK kids, what do you do if a stranger comes to the door?

Conrad: We say, “Eat slugs, Malfoy!”

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The Mayor

The mayor is following me on twitter. If this is a cunning trick to build support, it’s kind of working…