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We’re playing Pictionary. Weston is drawing and I’m guessing. Weston draws the following sketch, puts his pencil down, and says he’s finished.
The word is “bottom.”

Art drunken midgets Wild West'n

Frown Upside Down


drunken midgets Wild West'n


We really did meet in third grade:

rich and beautiful

In case you were wondering….

I went surfing Saturday. That’s all I really wanted to say.


Conrad’s Contractions (Not the Baby Kind)

Conrad has been speaking more efficiently lately. “What if” is “wha-f” which sounds like what a dog would say. “Liked it” has been shortened to “like-ud.”

He is also making some things longer. Baba Fet is baba-the-fet (we figure it’s a combination of Jaba the Hut and Baba Fet). In fact, I am now papa-the fet and Claire is mama-the-fet. Oh yeah, and McDonalds is Old McDonalds.

King Con