Archives: June 2009

Happy Birthday

No, it’s not my birthday.

Claire came out of Conrad’s room one night, rolled her eyes, and said, “Happy birthday. Now good night!” I asked Claire why she wished him a happy birthday. It turns out she was simply returning the good wishes. Conrad had wished her a happy birthday….and since that unbirthday, each night, Conrad wishes us a happy birthday before bed. I suspect he knows it’s not anyone’s birthday because he says it with a wry smile. To demonstrate Conrad’s influence in the family, before bed, we all now say, “Good night. Happy birthday.” Good night, Weston. Happy birthday. Good night, Julia. Happy birthday. Good night, Claire. Happy birthday.

drunken midgets King Con

How Polite is little Conman?!?


Conrad and I are playing swords….

Con: Pretend that I cut off both your legs.

Rich: I love how you’re so polite when asking if you can cut off my legs.

Con: Pleeeeeaaase, can I cut off both your legs?

drunken midgets King Con