Archives: May 2009

Julia’s Joke


Claire told Julia her manners were impeccable. Julia told us she wanted to make a joke. She said there is a woodpecker who saw a tree that looked impeccable. She’s six. That’s a pretty good joke. Is Julia growing up? Are all of her future jokes going to make sense? This is so sad.

drunken midgets Good Ju-Ju

Conrad Hygiene


Lately, Conrad and Weston have been very interested in superheroes. As a result, Conrad now gives everything a superhero name. And…because of recent events, Conrad is very concerned about his “bat boogies” and washing his hands so he doesn’t catch the “Slime Flu”.

drunken midgets King Con

Rich gets in trouble

Background: Rich and Conrad were roughhousing. Conrad banged his foot on something…

Conrad: Papa hurt me.

Claire: Should we put him in time-out?

Conrad: No. He’d escape.

King Con richie