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Trust. It’s the basis…


I’d like to think Claire trusts me with MOST things. When she sent me to Oregon to find a place to live, she sent my brother along to be sure I didn’t do anything…well, not bad necessarily…just weird. Her criteria was a good school district. Mine was a big tree or a funky space that I could make into my man cave. One of the places we looked at had about a zillion trees that were each about a zillion feet tall. If one of them fell, it would easily break the poor little house into a zillion pieces.

ps – The title of this post comes from the movie Some Kind of Wonderful.

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Super Chocolate

Conrad flexin’.

drunken midgets King Con

Some Kindergarten Humor…Literally

Julia’s been learning how to spell lately. I need some help reading this one. Let’s take this one word at a time: YOU – WASH – YOUR – HANDS – AND – WIPE – ?…can’t figure out that last word….

drunken midgets Good Ju-Ju

Now I’m worried.

This is an elf trying to figure out how to get some toilet paper.

Art drunken midgets Good Ju-Ju