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One thing I miss about New York

I can honestly say I miss New York….or miss some things about it. The Northwest and I are far more compatible. But I had a good fling with the big city. Even taking into consideration all the museums, galleries, world attractions of various kinds, the thing I miss most is the sunset on the rickety old rooftop water towers.

I made some limited edition prints of the water towers drawing. Have a look here.

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BOLT in 3D

Despite wind that could have easily picked us up had we not been driving a Suburban, I took the kids to see BOLT — in 3D. The movie was good, but seeing Weston and Julia in their “one-size-fits-all” glasses was priceless. At one of the more climactic moments, the wind knocked out the power. They got the lights on quick enough but were having trouble with the dual projectors or something, so it took a bit before the movie started again. Meanwhile, Julia and Weston caught on to the fact that they were the only ones in the room without a $6 tub of popcorn ($5.75 if you want a small) and $50 drink (OK, I didn’t even look at how much the drinks were). They started to whine a bit, but when the movie started again, it was as though their brains turned off with the lights and they forgot all about it. As a bit of a concession, we stopped at McDonalds afterwards and had some cheap, greasy, delicious fries. That, and a sundae to wash it down, and we were ready to head home for dinner.

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Julia got such a great reaction from her x-ray drawing that she’s been doing a lot more. This is an x-ray that includes the head. There used to be a square around it indicating that it is indeed an x-ray.

Art drunken midgets Good Ju-Ju


Julia came and gave me this drawing she did of an x-ray.

Julia's skeleton drawing

Get your shirt here.

Art drunken midgets Good Ju-Ju

Con Man

It’s a mystery where this came from, but Conrad has started following everything he says with, “See?!?” He sounds like a little gambino and it makes everything the two-year-old says sound like a threat. “I want a cookie, see?” comes across like, “I want a cookie and you’re going to give it to me, see?” It helps (or doesn’t help) that he has such an intense look when heĀ talks and often says, “I’m serious.”

Because Conrad makes it known that there are real consequences if he doesn’t get his way, it always surprises us when he doesn’t get his way and responds, “OK,” and goes about his business. He comes across tough, but he’s a softie.

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