Conrad ooh ooh-ooh

Conrad Viking

Conrad has reduced the English language to the bare essentials and now carries on conversations using tones and syllables. “I love you” is now “ooh-ooh,” “Thank you” is “do-do,” and “May I have that, please?” is “do da, de”…Claire and I understand him and respond in tones and syllables. “I love you too” is “ooh-ooh ooh” and “You’re welcome” is “do do-do”.


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    Owie owie owie dun shood. owie.

  • Claire
    April 11, 2008 - 5:24 am | Permalink

    We need to fly Keo out here to teach Conrad to speak. That last one was about guns shooting and getting hurt, right? It’s almost tragic when kids actually learn to talk — takes all the fun out of the deciphering game.

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    Very good Calire! You must be acquainted with Keo’s favorite pastimes: Shooting guns and getting hurt..not necessarily in that order…but usually…in that order.

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